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Graphic design April 15, 2020


Splat asked me to develop packaging for product samples, that is easy to use, universal for bunch of product lines and based on product package design.
One of main requests was packaging must be easy adaptable to any European language, so I created not only Latvian, Estonian and Lithuanian versions, but an easy adaptable template for whole Splat product line.


Develop packaging for product samples in micro-packages.

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    Product Design

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Create an easy adaptable packaging template that fits for whole Splat product line. 

In modern world we should think not only about cooperation, but minimize labor costs and material consumption to minimize CO2 footprint.

The team

the team.

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— Marshal Design
Project & Account Management

Graphic Design

— Sergey Stepanov
Creative designer

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I’m a senior Graphic Designer, with experience in Project Coordination, Creative Direction and UI/UX.


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