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Social Project Case Stydy

Mobile app & responsive WEB-site Case Stydy


App & responsive WEB-page for social project


UX designer, Visuals

Project duration:

April 2022 to May 2022.

Project Vision

I created an application to help Ukrainian refugees who ended up in Latvia. The purpose of this service is that people who have registered using social accounts or Dia get the opportunity to be in touch with other refugees in Latvia, learn Latvian and English, acquire new skills and quickly look for work in enterprises that support refugees. Accessibility is key in this project, because big part of refugees are elder people, so simple navigation, contrast colors, keyboard access, screen reader, headings and landmarks and responsive design was a main goal.


  1. Refugees don’t know Latvian language.
  2. Many of them don’t have access to a computer or internet constantly.
  3. Many of them needs service to be accessible.
  4. There is large group of elder people, who are not familiar with new tech.
  5. Many young refugees has mobile phone experience only.

In this project, I took conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs. Interviews, and most important our persona hypothesis construction. I started out by asking myself some initial key questions.

“What is the product and who is it for?”

“What do our primary users need?”

“What Accessibility options users needs?”

I found data from SME interview to be the most effective understandings I garnered. Then I used an affinity diagram to separate the data into groups of tasks which were further categorized by high level goals for improvement in efficiency, accessibility and familiarity. Recognizing the conflicts of interest from each audience allowed me to focus on shaping user goals and how those goals would turn in real service.

Meet Users


Age: 23
Education: Bachelors degree
Hometown: Kiev
Family: One cat
Occupation: Journalist

Nikolay is a 23 y.o. journalist, who is now refugee in Latvia. In Ukraine his hobby was Urbanism and singing.

As a refugee, I want easy way to get started in new country, I`m young and want to be useful. Also, I want to stay here, because I found my love here.


Age: 52
Education: Medical
Hometown: Lvov
Family: Husband and 4 kids
Occupation: Nurse

Maryia was a nurse in Lvov before the war was started. She escaped with all her grandchildren and husband to Latvia. She like to weave baskets and furniture and to cook.

As a person who has changed the country of residence, I want to be on a par with the locals, to offer my working hands, because I’m still young.

Competitive Analysis

I was looked for potential competing services, and found none compete directly with Social Project App. Social Project App has the opportunity to be the first.

The majority of the features was inspired from message boards, social networks and messengers:

  • Native app and responsive WEB
  • Chatbot function
  • Community function
  • Simple layout

Paper wireframes


After creating my prototype from low fidelity wireframes, I prepared a 6 question survey for participants to fill out before began conducting a usability test. I asked 5 different participants to run through different scenarios in my prototype in hopes of garnering enough feedback to use for our next set of design iterations.

P0 Menu

Navigation menu has to be more simple and info blocks must be better separated.

P1 Help

Users need fast help.
Chatbot with help functions.

P2 Next Billion

Real-time translation with Google Lens API

Before -> After


Blue, light blue and yellow colors in Project is a reference to Ukrainian flag.

Hi-Fi prototype interactions



This project helps users feel more comfortable in such situation, thinks about how to meet their needs and expectations. It helps users faster adapt in new circumstances.

What I learned:

The first ideas for the project, as always, are only the beginning of the process. Usability studies and peer feedback influenced each iteration of the design.

Hi-Fi interactive prototype

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